Top 10 Military Schools For Boys In USA

Top 10 Military Schools For Boys In USA

Top 10 Military Schools For Boys In USA

This is a detailed guide on the top military schools for boys in USA, read to the end to know the best military schools to enroll your children in.

People have different reasons why they enroll their sons in military schools, some people enroll their children in military schools because of quality education, hands-on training, and a good learning atmosphere that allows them to excel and meet their goals, while others do this because of the strict discipline that may be needed to put their sons on the right track.

No matter your reason for wanting to enroll your sons in military school, it is better to enroll them in a good military school, and this article on the top military schools for boys in USA will help you decide on the military school to enroll your children in.

What Is Military School

Military schools are schools that are in form of military academies because they include military cadet education in their curriculum and activities.

These schools are found in many countries and offer a standard high school education but with an extra military activity curriculum.

Military schools are quite different from standard schools, where students in ordinary schools are not strictly disciplined, while students in military schools are held with strong fists, they obey commands and do not act on their accord; they are strictly disciplined and less pampered.

Military schools train students to be strong, strategic, confident, problem solvers, thinkers, perseverant, and motivated.

Furthermore many parents enroll their boy children in military schools because of their stubborn nature, they believe that the school is a taming ground for stubborn and troublesome children.

One of the good things about military schools is that your children would be taught by qualified teachers and upon graduation would never remain the same way they entered, your children would be refined without recognition and would easily be admitted to the universities.

Furthermore, students In military schools are uniquely prepared for non-academic aspects of college life, including time management, independence, and many others.

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Benefits of a Military School For Your Child

There are many benefits of enrolling your boy children in military schools. Many parents have already enrolled their children in military schools for boys in USA because of the negative effects that public schools have on their children.

Military schools for boys in USA keep on improving in all areas, their academic standards are superb, and the hands-on training is interesting. The truth is many people have come to know the benefits of enrolling their children in military schools, and presently these schools are now choosy when selecting applicants.

Contrary to popular belief, military schools are not a dumping ground for troublesome children, troublesome children are finding it hard to be admitted to military schools and those who are there already are expelled when they fail to act on the rules.

Moreover, if you are still doubting the efficacy of military schools for boys in USA, below are the benefits of military schools to your child.

1. Military Schools Offer Your Children Quality Education

When you think of quality education, think of military schools. They have qualified teachers who are ready to work for the betterment of the students and this has boost the graduation rate of these schools and the percentage of graduates who go on to attend college and university.

The ratio of students to teachers in military schools is much lower and this has led to a good teacher and student relationships as well as effective learning.

Furthermore, students are made to devote a certain amount of time every day to studies and academics. This makes them readers and also improves their grades and understanding.

2. Military Schools Offers Physical Activities

Military schools do not only teach in classrooms but also build physical fitness into their academics to boost physical fitness and mental fortitude, which directly helps them in the classroom.

They have a variety of activities for every student to choose from because they recognize that not all students are athletes. These activities range from physical to cultural and they include rifle teams, rock climbing, cycling, photography, drill team, and boxing.

Additionally, most military schools include participation in The Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) program, which is hugely beneficial to students.

This program prepares high school students for leadership roles while making them knowledgeable of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American citizens.

3. Military Schools Turn Students Into Future Leaders

Many people believe that the structure and discipline present at military boarding schools or military day schools would help any young person who is experiencing difficulty in learning in a standard school.

Military schools offer exceptional education and also instill extra values in children such as discipline, honor, and cooperation. Their experiences in these schools broaden their minds and skills.

Many people who attended military academy have great characters and also develop qualities like incredible leadership skills.

4. They Have Great Expectation Of Students

Military schools have great expectations of students, and routine and great expectations beget standard. Military schools in the USA expect their students to keep a clean room, have excellent personal cleanliness, earn good grades in classes, and take part in physical activities.

Laziness has no place in a great military education, and this has helped many students to be organized and thrive to achieve more in life.

5. Military Schools Foster Honor And Integrity

Students in military schools know what is it to be a person of honor and integrity, and the importance of keeping a promise.

They have a perseverance attitude that helps them make it through even when they have experience failure.

Students in military schools cope very well with situations and they learn respect for themselves, other students and for their leaders. Also, they take responsibility for their successes and failures.

6. Military Schools Transform Children

Many parents have testified to the fact that military schools transformed their children, they noticed that their children became very confident, athletically strong, and trustworthy young adults with honorable characters.

Military schools incorporate military principles into the curricula. Students learn valuable skills which not only prepare them for college but for lifelong success. This training makes them become independent thinkers, accountable leaders, and engaged citizens.

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Characteristics Of Military Schools

There are many characteristics of military schools, and below are some of the characteristics of military schools.

1. Military schools focus on educational excellence, and students experience high academic standards and training which lay the foundation for success during the college years and beyond.

2. The core elements of military schools are leadership training and character development which are essential part of the academic experience.

3. Military schools have committed faculty and staff members who are always available to help students having challenges both in academics and other areas of life.

4. Military schools focus on promoting mutual respect in human relationships to boost confidence, engagement, and achievement. Violence and abusive behavior are not part of the military school experience, and students are expected to have respect for authority, for their peers, and for each other.

5. The core values learned in military schools include honor, duty, integrity, self-discipline, etc., and these values stay with students throughout their entire lives.

6. Service and accountability are also core characteristics of the military school experience. Military students learn that service to the community and country is both necessary and rewarding.

7. Teamwork is a very important element of military schools. Students in military schools have the ability to work as part of a team, and this will help them cope well in an increasingly collaborative society. Moreover, teamwork allows students to build self-control, and listening skills, and be flexible and adaptable.

8. Military schools offer structured and civil learning environments that help students learn and grow, and be productive throughout their lives.

9. Military school focuses on the success of the students, so the lessons learned in a military school do not end when students graduate. The knowledge, critical thinking skills, and values taught in military school classrooms are instruments that catapult students into lifelong success

Top 10 Military Schools For Boys In USA

There are many military schools for boys in USA and while these schools share common characteristics, they also differ in everything from curriculum to culture.

When choosing a military school for your son, you should consider the location, cost, academic curriculum, athletics size, school Type (day or boarding), extracurricular activities, and reputation.

You do not need to visit the school physically to know this, a visit to the desired school’s website should offer helpful information about the school, and admissions and application process.

Moreover, below are the top military schools for boys in USA.

1. Valley Forge Military Academy and College

Valley Forge Military Academy and College is a private boarding school and military junior college in Wayne, Pennsylvania. It was established in 1928 and follows the traditional military school format with army traditions.

The school is one of the top military schools for boys in USA, and it focuses on developing personal strength in every cadet, opening the door for academic achievement now, and in the future.

Valley Forge Military Academy and College comprise a middle school, high school, and college, and the College has been appointed by the Governor and Legislature as the Military College of Pennsylvania.

2. St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy

St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy was founded in 1884 by the Rev. Sidney T. Smythe as a private college preparatory school. It is one of the top military schools for boys in USA.

The school offers a wide variety of STEM and Humanities courses, and a variety of AP, honors, and dual-enrollment college classes.

Moreover, every student participates in athletic and wellness activities to learn teamwork, stay healthy, and develop good sportsmanship.

Also, the school emphasizes servant leadership, ethical behavior, and the intrinsic value of all persons.

Military cadets and prefect students are taught the foundations of leadership and are able to practice and apply that knowledge in all ramifications of life.

3. Massanutten Military Academy (MMA)

Massanutten Military Academy is a coeducational military school located in Woodstock, Virginia, United States. It was founded in 1899 and is one of the top military schools for boys in USA.

Massanutten Military Academy is a military school, boarding school, college-preparatory school, and co-education.

The school focuses on character development, superior academics, and leadership training. Moreover, according to Massanutten Military Academy, the school is for students who;

1. want a small school setting

2. Desire for greater academic achievement

3. Are not challenged in the current school

4. Need motivation and stability

5. Desire meaningful friendships

6. Wish for positive mentors

7. Need guidance with self-discipline

8. Want a better athletic opportunity

9. Spend too much time online/on phone

10. Crave more leadership opportunities

11. Want to stand out on college applications

12. Have been or are currently being bullied

4. Fork Union Military Academy

Fork Union Military Academy is a private, all-male college preparatory military boarding school located in Fork Union, Virginia. It was founded in 1898 and is considered one of the best military schools for boys in USA.

The school offers high-quality academics and athletics built on character development, self-discipline, responsibility, and leadership.

The cadets in this school develop leadership, respect, accountability, self-discipline, character, faith, integrity, and independence.

5. Marine Military Academy

The Marine Military Academy is a private college preparatory academy located in Harlingen, Texas, US. It is one of the top military schools for boys in USA.

It was founded in 1965 and offers a college preparatory curriculum for boys in grades 7–12 with an optional one year of post-graduate study.

The Marine Military Academy provides a structured, distraction-free setting that allows students to focus on their educational and personal development.

The school provides small class sizes, individual attention, and a variety of extra-curricular activities that help students to be disciplined, morally strong, and college-ready.

6. Camden Military Academy

Camden Military Academy is a private, all-male, military boarding school located in Camden, South Carolina, United States. It was founded in 1958 and is one of the best military schools for boys in USA.

Camden Military Academy enrolls young men in grades 7 through 12, and the academic program at the high school level offers college preparatory, honors, and dual-enrollment curricula.

All high school students in this school must earn 24 units for graduation, and students must also take a course in computer literacy and in JROTC.

7. Fishburne Military School

Fishburne Military School is a private military boarding school for boys in Waynesboro, Virginia, United States. It was founded in 1879 by James A. Fishburne and is one of the top military schools for boys in USA.

Fishburne offers a JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction and has earned the US Army’s highest level of accreditation.

8. Army and Navy Academy

Army and Navy Academy was founded in 1910, it is a private school in San Diego County for boys in grades 7-12.

Army and Navy Academy is a college preparatory school with boarding and day options exclusively for boys in grades 7-12. The school is one of the best military schools for boys in USA.

The mission of this school is to educate, mentor, and develop good character and leadership in young men.

In Army and Navy Academy, challenging academics are paired with unique learning and study supports that enable boys to achieve their goals in the classroom.

The school has Inspiring coaches who bring out the best in the athletes while cultivating teamwork and personal health.

Furthermore, the school also offers a JROTC leadership program that teaches boys to be their best selves and sets them up for success in life beyond high school.

9. Hargrave Military Academy

Hargrave Military Academy is a private, all-male, military boarding school located in the town of Chatham, Virginia. The school was founded in 1909 and is one of the top military schools for boys in USA.

Hargrave Military Academy builds young men into leaders of character prepared for lifelong success. The school is a college-prep boarding school for boys in grades 7–12  and  Post Graduate.

When you enroll your son in Hargrave Military Academy, he will make lasting friendships, gain independence, and be prepared for college and beyond.

10. Missouri Military Academy

The Missouri Military Academy is a private preparatory school established in 1889, in Mexico, Missouri.

The school is a male boarding school and is one of the best military schools for boys in USA. Missouri Military Academy offers STEAM-based learning in science, math, and the arts.

That is all on the top military schools for boys in USA, I hope it helps you enroll your son in the best military school.

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