The automotive industry is essential globally, having one of the highest market caps and contributing hugely to national revenue. As such, the knowledge of the top 10 automobile companies in the world helps us in decision making when we come to the selection of the model of car we want to use and, in the case of investment.

So entails in this article are the top 10 automobile companies in the world in no particular order.

  1. Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational owned automotive company based in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan. Kiichiro Toyoda established it in Japan on August 28, 1937. The Toyota motor corporation is the first foreign automobile company to have a dominant share in the US stock market in terms of investment prowess. It is undoubtedly the biggest in terms of market capitalization.  As one of the top 10 automobile companies globally, TMC produces about 10 million vehicles yearly, including trucks, Sport Utility Vans (SUVs), commercial cars, and minivans.

The models of the Toyota brand include the Prius, Camry, Corolla, Tacoma, 4Runner, and hybrid electric sedan.

  • Market Cap – $183.3 billion
  • Revenue (TTM) –  $248.6 billion
  1. Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) 

Bayerische Motoren Werke, popularly called BMW, is a German multinational producer and designer of luxury vehicles and motorcycles. This company designs and produces a variety of luxury vehicles under several brands, including BMW, Rolls-Royce, and MINI. Apart from its primary functions, the company provides spare parts and accessories provision, including financial services, which come in credit financing and leasing to retail customers.

  • Market Cap: $49.5 billion
  • Revenue (TTM): $116.7 billion
  1. Daimler

Daimler is a German multinational automobile company with headquarter in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is amongst the top 10 automobile companies in the world as it serves as Germany’s best car.

Daimler manufactures various car models, including passenger cars, off-road vehicles, vans, SUVs, commercial vehicles, such as buses. In terms of investment, Daimler offers financing and leasing packages for investors, customers, and dealers.

  • Market Cap: $58.7 billion
  • Revenue (TTM): $174.6 billion
  1. Volkswagen AG 

Volkswagen is a German multinational owned automobile company comprised of ten brands from five European countries: Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Ducati, Audi, ŠKODA, SEAT, CUPRA Porsche, and Bentley. The Volkswagen Group, apart from its luxury model of cars that offers excellent utility, offers various business units, including financial services that comprises dealer and customer financing, banking and insurance activities, leasing, and fleet management, which makes it a good choice when it comes in terms of investment.

Furthermore, Volkswagen is known for its luxury brands which are Audi and Porsche.

  • Market Cap: $95.8 billion
  • Revenue (TTM): $247.4 billion
  1. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV 

Amongst the top 10 automobile companies in the world is an Italy-based multinational automaker, Fiat Chrysler. It designs and manufactures both light commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles. The company works under several brands, including Fiat, Chrysler, Ram, Jeep, Dodge, etc. Also, the company produces metallurgical products, auto production systems, automobiles components, and spare parts and offers financing services.

  • Market Cap: $22.9 billion
  • Revenue (TTM): $98.8 billion
  1. Honda Motor Corporation Ltd. 

Honda is a Japanese automobile company that serves as the third-largest Japanese automaker who’s started with the production of motorcycles and is Accord the world’s No 1 motorcycle manufacturer. It is now into manufacturing all-terrain vehicles, vans, passengers’ cars, commercial cars, and luxury cars.  Some of its notable car models are; Legend, Prelude, Accord, Civic, and the luxury Acura. The Honda produced Accord is known as the second most purchased car in the United States. Also, the company provides both financial and insurance services to customers and dealers.

  • Market Cap: $43.7 billion
  • Revenue (TTM): $120.7 billion
  1. Hyundai Motor Co. 

Hyundai is a South Korean multinational automobile company established in 1967. The company designs and manufactures cars that include trucks, commercial vehicles, and passengers cars. It also produces spare parts and runs repair service shops or centers. Accent, Santa Fe, Electra, Sonata, Tucson, and famous car models. It also included a luxury division.  Also, it offers financing services.

  • Market Cap: $19.8 billion
  • Revenue (TTM): $85.4 billion
  1. Ford Motor Corporation

Among the top 10 automobile companies globally is an American automobile company incorporated on June 16, 1903. “Ford Motor Corporation” The Ford Motor sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand, while their luxury cars are sold under the Lincoln luxury brandFord Motors manufactures a variety of cars that includes; minivans, services cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks. Some of the notable models of Ford Motors include; Fusion, Escape, F-150, Mustang, Edge Ranger, etc.; like other automobile companies, Ford Motors offers vehicle-related financing and leasing.

  • Market Cap: $27.7 billion
  • Revenue (TTM): $130.4 billion
  1. General Motors Co. (GM)

General Motors Co. (GM) General Motors is an American multinational automotive company established by Williams C. Durant on September 16, 1908, as a holding company with headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, United States. In 2009, it was restructured into a multinational automobile manufacturer. It is known as one of the leading forces behind the development of electric cars.  It first started with the Chevy Volt and then the Chevy Bolt. It manufactures and sells vehicles under four brands which are Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, and Buick. Also, the company provides automotive financing.

  • Market Cap: $45.7 billion
  • Revenue (TTM): $115.8 billion
  1. Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. 

Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.  Nissan is a Japanese multinational automaker manufactured on December 26, 1933, with headquarters in Nishi-Ku, Yokohama, Japan. The company designs and manufactures passenger vehicles, marine equipment, and forklifts.   It sells its vehicles under three brands: Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun brands. Some of its popular models include; the Altima, Pathfinder, Rogue, Versa, Maxima, Sentra Titan, and its LEAF electric car, including a luxury division, Infiniti. Also, it offers financing and leasing services.

  • Market Cap: $15.3 billion
  • Revenue (TTM): $80.2 billion


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