Spotify Account Login Signup Portal Guide 2022


Spotify Account Login Portal and Sign up Guidelines in 2022 

Spotify Account Login: This article will guide you on how to create and register a free and premium account on Spotify.

While we may not need to tell you Spotify is the world’s most-used music streaming platform, with 60 million users as reported in 2015, you might be interested in learning what Spotify Premium APK (mod) is all about.

Although the subscription is usually paid for, you’re also offered an opportunity to register for free to see what the service is like.

Registering on Spotify gives you access to free, ad-supported service, that is, the songs come with advertisements. For more great features, try the premium option.

Officially, Spotify does offer a free version but users of this cost-free package can attest that it’s never up to par. The free version hardly offers access to exclusive Spotify features and if you’re dying to access such features, you may be tempted to upgrade to the premium package. But to avoid paying for Spotify while still accessing its premium features, Spotify Premium (mod) APK is definitely your best bet. This is why we’re willing to guide you on how to download and install the APK file.

What Capabilities Make Spotify Premium (Mod) APK a Special App?

Spotify Premium APK (mod), particularly the one recommended through the download link in this post, is the ideal option for you. This is because the developers of the “mod” app (APK file) worked painstakingly to help you unlock a good number of premium Spotify features. Therefore, the developers of the “mod” app have disabled unwanted elements (such as audio ads and visual ads) as well as enabling several features that you’d normally have paid to unlock.

But since it is free and unofficial, the modified version of Spotify Premium is available only as an APK file that you’ll have to download from unofficial online sources if you’re willing to enjoy Spotify Premium at no cost.

How to Register for a Free Spotify Account

1. Using any Web browser, go to the Spotify Signup at

2. Click on the “Free” button.

3. You will have the choice of either using your Facebook account or email address to sign up.

4. If using Facebook, click on the Sign up With Facebook button. Type in your login details (email address/phone and password) and then click the login button.

5. If using an email address, fill in the form making sure to complete all the required fields; these are the username, password, email, date of birth, and gender.

Before signing up you may also want to read Spotify’s Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy documents. These can be viewed by clicking on the hyperlinks for each one (just above the Sign-Up button). If you’ve confirmed that all the information you have entered is correct, click the Sign-Up button to proceed.

How to Register for a Premium Spotify Account

1. Using any Web browser, go to the Spotify Signup at

2. Click on the word “Premium” on the upper right side of the webpage.

3. Click “Try Premium.” You’ll notice the 30 Day Free Trial is advertised on this option.

4. Login with your existing Spotify account. If you don’t have a Spotify account, click “Sign Up Here” at the bottom of the sign-in PAGE, and come back after you’ve created an account.

5. Click “Try Spotify Premium”.

6. Select your payment method and enter your zip code. You’ll be taken to a screen to fill in your Credit Card or PayPal information.

7. Once you make your payment of zero dollars, you’ll be taken to your receipt, and you’re ready to start checking out Spotify Premium.

At this point, you haven’t been charged for anything, but you are technically subscribed to Spotify Premium. Now that Spotify has your payment information, your subscription will automatically renew in a month at which point you’ll be charged $9.99.

If you don’t want auto-renewal, you can cancel your subscription immediately after subscribing and still get your 30 days of free Premium. If you then decide that you want to pay for Premium, you can just subscribe again once your trial runs out.

Steps to Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription

1. Log in to the Spotify website by clicking the “Log In” button at the upper right of the page and entering your login information.

2. Click your name on the upper right page of the screen. Select “Account” from the drop-down menu.

3. Click on “Subscription” from the options above your account information.

4. Click on “View Your Options” under the cancel your subscription header at the bottom of the list.

5. Click on “Click here to continue to the cancellation page”. You’ll have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find this link.

6. Select a reason why you’re unsubscribing (you can’t continue without checking a reason) and click the “Cancel Subscription” button at the bottom of the page.

7. Click on “Cancel Spotify Premium subscription”. This will bring you a page that prompts you to re-enter your account password.

8. Enter your account password and click on “continue” or “Cancel Spotify Premium subscription”. You’ll get a confirmation note telling you the date your subscription will expire.

You get to keep Premium for the remainder of your 30-day trial, and you don’t have to worry about getting charged.

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