Mature small businesses to start as a teenager: work from home

Small businesses to start as a teenager: Work from Home

When we talk about small businesses to start as a teenager, a lot of people usually think of some traditional projects like selling lemonade on the street.

But with the internet in nearly every home around the world, there are plenty of opportunities for teens – and others – to take advantage of to make their money.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best business ideas for teens that can be done from home easily, to encourage your teen to start becoming self-reliant now.

Why should teenagers start business? 

Earning extra money while studying is an important practical experience, and certainly there are profitable business ideas for teens to choose from to start their own business at a young age. 

The most beneficial reason for teenagers to start a business is that it helps them understand the value of money and work.

With the technological world and the proliferation of social networking sites, entrepreneurship is becoming popular among teens, with the increase in business clubs, youth start-up competitions and crowdfunding sites.

There is no doubt that there is nothing better than giving your children the real opportunity to advance their future endeavors and build their business. 

Whether your child succeeds or fails, he/she will learn more invaluable lessons that will serve them in the future.

With the increased awareness of the culture of entrepreneurship, it has been observed that more teenagers are getting involved in business than ever before. 

Although there are some who criticize this trend, others welcome and encourage it.

Some successful entrepreneurs believe that teenagers should be more familiar with the concepts and basics of entrepreneurship so that they can rely on their own knowledge.

If you aspire to instill a culture of self-employment in your children or yourself and help them understand the value of money, Batrometech has outlined the following small businesses to start as a teenager from the comfort of your home.

Small businesses to start as a teenager from homeTeenager with headphones on a desktop computer

As with adults, business ideas for teens depend on personal competence, as one idea may be suitable for one person and not suitable for another.

For this reason, the teenager should take into consideration some things such as their skills, talents and passions as well as how they can turn these things into a source of income before thinking about carrying out a business.

Now in the following lines, we will give some business ideas that teenagers can implement easily from home.

1. Local services

There is nothing wrong with starting a business that is somewhat traditional in its idea, especially if the project will solve a problem faced by the local community.

Many people in local communities need services such as:

  • Work in the garden
  • Babysitting
  • Help in the home (with things like cooking, cleaning or ironing clothes)
  • Pet sitting
  • Dog walking
  • Private lessons
  • Organizing children’s parties

Local services are the most straightforward businesses to start as a teenager from home.

2. Handmade products

Teens with creativity and talent can make some handmade products and then sell them online on the many online shopping sites, or opt to design a special site to sell through.

There are also some websites such as Café Press or TeeSpring that allow users to design t-shirts and sell them online. 

The company produces the t-shirt and sends it to the buyer, then the seller gets his share.

Among the products that teens can make manually and then sell them electronically are:

  • Jewelry
  • Arts
  • T-shirts
  • Handbags
  • Home decoration
  • Cups
  • Woodwork
  • Pottery
  • Soap and beauty products

Not only are these crafts one of the best small businesses for teenagers, but also one of the best to sharpen their business IQ. 

3. Digital services

The current generation of teens have found themselves in a completely digital environment.

For this very reason there are many digital opportunities that teens can exploit within their teenage business ideas and generate income and profits through them.

Digital services are the most luxurious small businesses to start as a teenager from home, in fact, they aren’t small businesses at all. 

  1. Graphic design
  2. Video editing
  3. Sound montage
  4. Social Account Management
  5. Website design and programming

3.5 Website design

For website design, let’s talk a little more in-depth. 

With all the free or low cost website builders out there, creating or designing a website is a great option for tech-savvy teens to earn extra money. 

Using freelance websites like UpWork, Fiverr and Moonlighting, they can access the same job opportunities in web development like a pro.

If you like to work remotely, website design is one of the top small businesses to start as a teenager. 

4. Social media influencer

With the widespread use of social networks among teenagers in the past years, a new type of celebrity has emerged called “influencers” who are people with accounts on social networks with a huge number of followers.

You can also be one of these influencers through some steps that you can take on social networks such as:

  1. YouTube
  2. Instagram/Tiktok
  3. Blogging
  4. Podcasts

4.1 YouTube

Starting a video channel on YouTube is a great way to make money through ads, sponsorships, and even affiliate marketing

As one of the best small businesses to start as a teenager, any youngster who has a special hobby or talent can showcase this talent on YouTube, with incredible ease. 

There are many who became famous thanks to their gaming videos, and perhaps the most famous of them is PewDiePie, who has more than 50 million subscribers.

4.2 Instagram/Tiktok

Like YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok influencers try to focus on a talent, skill or passion of their own, and this could be related to beauty, fashion, food, pets, or life in general.

Influencers often make money on Instagram and Tiktok through sponsors. Of all social networks, this is by far the most popular small business to start as a teenager. 

4.3 Blogging

Blogging is one of the best business ideas for teens as they can monetize their talent or passion by writing about it, and a blog can easily expand to spread on social networks.

The blog will certainly give your teen a great opportunity to develop the basic skill of written communication.

With this he would be able to express his unique opinions or expand knowledge in some areas that will be of interest to other people.

Through blogging, it is possible to achieve more additional income similar to podcasts, through advertising spaces and sponsorships.

4.4 Podcast

Podcasting can be a great viable business opportunity for teens, as this project can be started to earn more profit. 

However, despite being one of the top small businesses to start as a teenager, it may first need an adult who has the skill to help you with some technical aspects.

5. Application developer 

It is no secret that the need for applications is growing day by day, and with the increase in educational materials for programming and its spread on the Internet.

Any teenager can learn what he needs and implement the application of his dreams.

App development, a branch of software development is one of the best small businesses to dabble in as a teenager. 

6. Computer setup and repair 

Computers are still around today despite the popularity of smartphones and tablets, and you won’t find homes around the world that don’t have a computer these days.

Despite the prevalence of smart devices among people, there are still some people who cannot set up or repair them themselves. 

One of the best small businesses to start as a teenager, you can take advantage of this to set up and repair computers, especially from software malfunctions.

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