Key Steps on How to Drive Manual Car and Automatic Car in 2021/2022

Drive Manual Car

Key Steps on How to Drive Manual Car and Automatic Car in 2021/2022

Modern cars are divided into manual and automatic. The manual car is the hardest to drive, it is nerve-racking and it required full attention. While the automatic car is very easy to drive, you can learn how to drive an automatic car within two days. It doesn’t require many technicalities like the manual car.

In this article, I will share with you the key steps involved in driving a manual and automatic car.

Firstly, let’s start with the manual car.

Step by Step Procedure to Drive a Manual Car

Step 1: Ensure your car is in neutral gear

Before driving place your car into neutral gear by moving the gear selector into the centre of the shift boot. To confirm that it is on neutral gear, wiggle the stickshifter around watch if it moves freely. If it does, it is on neutral.

Step 2: Ensure your foot is on the clutch pedal

To begin driving, make sure your left foot is on the clutch pedal, and depress it fully to the car’s floor.

Step 3: Turn on the Ignition

To start the vehicle, you must turn on the ignition, but first, you have to locate it. They are usually located right next to the steering column. It can be in different places in some cars. So be sure to check your owner’s manual to know ignition is located. Then turn the ignition to the halfway position to allow the sensors of the vehicle to take their readings.

Step 4: Turn the Vehicle On

Place your foot on the clutch pedal fully, and with your gear selector in the neutral position, you can turn on the engine and the car starts.

Step 5: Disengage the Handbrakes

To begin driving, you must disengage the handbrake. Some vehicles have manual handbrake while some it is electronic. So do check the owner’s manual to know which is in your vehicle.

You have to know that driving with the handbrake engaged is dangerous, and the heat it produces is not good for your vehicle.

Step 6: Prepare to drive

After starting up the vehicle, the next step is to put on your safety seat belt, relax your muscle and seat comfort, and begin to roll forward.

Step 7: Keep your foot on the clutch fully

To move forward, you must depress the clutch fully with your foot. The clutch is the major tool used to move the manual car forward.

Step 8: Move the gear Selector to the first gear.

With your foot fully depressing the clutch, you then move the gear selector into its first gear. The first gear is mostly located at the top left portion of your gear selector. Consult your owner’s manual to be more precise.

Afterwhich, you move your gear selector lightly and upwards. Do keep in mind that certain vehicles could make this process a little confusing. So this step is like trial and error stuff.

Step 9: Begin Moving Forwards.

With your foot fully depressing the clutch and the gear selector moved into its first gear, you can begin to move forward.

Slowly lift the foot resting on the clutch pedal. For the slower you remove you foot from the pedal, the lesser the chance you will stall and the higher the chance you will begin moving forwards.

Do not be afraid to stall out the motor or slam on the brakes at any time. You should know that most modern-day vehicles were designed considering beginners at heart, so dropping the clutch and stalling out will not affect your vehicle.

Step 10: Encourage yourself

Do continually encourage yourself for driving a manual car can be very complicated. Don’t give up if you didn’t get the nine steps. Just try it one more time.

Step by Step Procedure to Drive an Automatic Car

Driving an automatic is straightforward, unlike the manual car. The steps include:

Step 1: Forget your left foot

In driving an automatic car, you place your left foot firmly on the floor and forget about it. You brake and accelerate with only your right foot.

Step 2: Place your right foot on the brake pedal

To start driving, place your right foot on the brake pedal, then move the gear lever forward, if you want to drive. If you want to reverse, simply move the gear lever backwards.

Step 3: To start moving

To start moving, ease your right foot from the brake pedal and at the same time release, the handbrake and the car will begin moving slowly. This method is called ‘creep’ and can be useful in moving your car to confined spaces such as car parks or in slow-moving traffic. To increase your speed, all you have to do is simply move your foot across to the accelerator pedal and gently press it.  Then you will be able to move forward (or backwards when you are in the reverse gear) at a faster rate.  To control the speed of the car, use your right foot on either the accelerator or brake pedal.  This is dependent on the nature and makes of the car you are using.

Step 4: Encourage yourself

The automatic car is indeed simple to learn. Having done this, you can kno to drive a gearbox. After each round of driving, remember to encourage yourself. By doing so, you will grow to be an expert driver.

What are the Safety Precautions while Driving

In driving either the manual or automatic car, there are basic driving safety precautions you must abide by. They don’t only enable your driving experience; they help to protect your car and yourself from avoidable injuries or pains.

They are:

  • Always wear your seat belts
  • Treat all forms of wear and tear with urgency
  • Avoid driving speedily.
  • Don’t drive when drunk.
  • Avoid distractions while driving like making phone calls or listening to loud music.
  • Be extra careful while driving in bad weather such as when it is raining or snowing.
  • Do not follow a car too closely while driving.


Driving is fun and very exciting. Driving both the manual and automatic have one thing in common, which is determination. When you are determined, there is nothing that will be too hard for you to learn.

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