18 Best iOS 14 tips and tricks: Part 1

Top iOS 14 tips and tricks

Here are some of the best iOS 14 tips and tricks to utilize your iPhone to the fullest.

18 Best iOS 14 tips and tricks

1. Build a smart stack

iOS 14 allows you to insert a smart stack of widgets from the widget library. But did you know that you can also build your own smart stack from scratch?

This iOS 14 tips allows you to just drag widgets of similar size onto another to start building.

Just like a standard smart stack, it will also automatically rotate based on usage patterns. You can build as many smart stacks as you need.

2. Hide unwanted apps

Are there any apps you have almost never used? Instead of deleting them or stuffing them into folders, hide them in the App Library using ti’s iOS 14 trick.

Press and hold the application you want to hide, click “ Delete Application” , and then click “ Move to Application Library”.

You can easily access hidden applications through the application library (swipe to the right from the previous home screen page) or the iPhone’s search function.

3. Hide the home screen page

In addition to apps, iOS 14 also allows you to hide the entire home screen page.

Start swinging the home screen, tap the dotted strip indicating the number of home screen pages, and then uncheck the home screen pages you want to hide.

4. Micro-motion apps anytime, anywhere

You don’t need to hold the app icons and shake them constantly any longer. In iOS 14, just long press (or 3D press) any blank area in the home screen to make these apps dance.

5. Use the return tap

iOS 14 comes with a beautiful accessibility setting called Back Tap . It allows you to bind various system-related functions, gestures and shortcuts, which can then be activated by tapping the back of the iPhone twice or three times.

Just Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back and click to start the binding operation.

For this trick, you also don’t have to have the latest iPhone, any iPhone running iOS 14 supports Back Tap.

6. Identify apps that violate privacy

In iOS 14, you can use a series of functions related to privacy and security.

One of such features is that the iPhone can notify the active camera or microphone in the form of a green or orange status indicator.

If the indicator light starts to light up for no apparent reason, call up the control center to find out the exact application that is using (or last using) the camera or microphone.

7. Easily check the audio level

iOS 14 comes with a new Control Center additional feature called “hearing aid” , which can more easily protect your hearing when using a pair of wireless headphones.

To access this iOS 14 trick, first add “Listening” to “Control Center”, then go to “Settings” > “ Control Center” .

Now when playing music, bring up the control center, and the “hearing” icon will indicate the audio output in green (safe) or yellow (unsafe).

You can also long press the icon to find out the exact audio level in decibels. iOS 14 considers anything above 80 decibels to be unsafe.

8. Take a mirrored selfie

Do you hate seeing the selfie flipped after taking a selfie? In iOS 14, just access “Settings” > “camera“, open “Mirror Front Camera” option, and you will completely capture self-portraits from photographs that appear.

9. Fixed conversations in messages

The “Messages” app of iOS 14 allows you to pin conversations at the top of the screen.

For this iOS 14 trick, just swipe any conversation to the right and then tap the icon of the fixed shape. You can have up to 9 conversations.

10. Quickly change the video quality

Do you hate having to enter the “Settings” application every time you want to adjust the video resolution of the camera? With this top iOS 14 tip, you don’t need to do anything anymore.

Simply tap the video quality indicator in the upper right corner of the “Camera” app (in “Video” mode) to quickly cycle through the supported capture resolution, and viola.

11. Send ETA via Siri

Love the compact Siri UI in iOS 14? She is also smarter. When using the “Map” application , you can quickly share your ETA with your contacts by shouting Hey Siri and using [contact’s name] to share my Eta.

This is one of our favourite trick for iOS 14.

12. Bring up the history stack

As long as you are stuck in the native iPhone application (such as “Settings”), just long press the option to return to the history stack.

Then, slide your finger along the stack to quickly jump back to the page.

13. Reject a call

The compact call notification in iOS 14 is a huge improvement. But did you know that you can also reject a call without rejecting it? Just swipe up.

14. Enable or disable precise location

To improve your privacy, iOS 14 allows you to determine whether apps have access to your precise or approximate location.

Go to “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Location Services” to enable or disable “ Precise Location” for installed apps .

One more tip for this iOS 14 trick: Unless you have a good reason, please do not turn off “Precision Location” for basic applications such as Maps or Find My.

15. Watch the video in picture-in-picture mode

Did you know that you can use picture-in-picture mode to watch videos while using other applications?

When playing a video on iOS 14, just exit the main screen to display it in picture-in-picture mode. You can also watch YouTube videos this way.

16. Use mentions in group messages

It’s interesting to know that with the “Messages” app on iOS 14, you can use mentions to attract the attention of specific contacts in noisy group chats.

Just enter @[name] before entering the message .

17. Translate in conversation mode

iOS 14 comes with a new translation app that allows you to translate languages well.

However, it also comes with a “conversation mode” that allows you to have real-time conversations with other people. But where is it?

To unveil this iOS trick, just open the “Translate” app, and then keep your iPhone in landscape view to switch to “Conversation Mode”.

18. Notify me

Do you have a habit of muting group chats? Whenever someone mentions you by name, you can still choose to receive notifications on iOS 14.

Go to “Settings” > “ Messages” and turn on “ Notify me”.

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