Top 20 iOS 14 tips and tricks

Best iOS 14 tips and tricks

Do you want to get the most of your iOS 14? Along with 18 others already listed here, this article lists another 20 iOS 14 tips and tricks.

Top 20 iOS 14 tips and tricks

1. Set the key photo of the album

iOS 14 allows you to set any image in the album as a key photo. To activate this iOS 14 trick, just long press on the image, then click to make a key photo.

2. Set photo app permissions

Third-party applications no longer need full access to your photo library. Instead, you can limit them to any specific photos or albums on iOS 14.

Go to “Settings” > “ Privacy” > “ Photos” to manage photo permissions.

3. Quickly filter emoji

Are you having trouble finding the perfect emoji? This iOS 14 tip will solve it.

After bringing up the emoji keyboard, use the new “search emoji” function to filter out emojis using common keywords.

4. Use AutoPlay in Apple Music

Now, even after the playlist or album ends, the music app in iOS 14 still allows you to continue playing music. This new auto-play feature uses tracks inside and outside the library to help you discover new music.

To enjoy this iOS 14 trick, bring up the “Now Playing” screen, and click the “Play Up Next” icon, you can choose to enable or disable “AutoPlay”.

5. Perform QuickTake video

The iPhone 11 series allows you to shoot videos just by pressing and holding the “shutter” icon. On iOS 14, the QuickTake function is also available on the iPhone XR and iPhone XS series, as well as Honor and Apple!

6. Translate website in Safari

In addition to the new translation app, Safari also allows you to translate foreign websites directly when viewing them on iOS 14. To do this, open the aA menu of Safari and click Translate to English.

7. Prohibition of stock table contact advice

iOS 13 introduced contact suggestions in the sharing table. If you don’t like it, then iOS 14 can let you get rid of them quickly.

Go to “Settings” > “Siri & Search” and turn off the switch next to “Suggest when sharing.”

8. Search for apps in the storage menu

Want to manage storage on iPhone? Go to “Settings” > “General” > “iPhone Storage” and now you should see a new “Search” icon that can be used to quickly filter apps by name.

9. Watch YouTube in 4K

iOS 14 supports Google’s VP9 codec, which means you can finally watch YouTube in amazing 4K.

Just start playing the 4K video in the YouTube app, and you should see the 2160p streaming option in the quality selection menu.

10. Enhance recorded voice memos

Finish recording memo? The Voice Memos app for iOS 14 allows you to quickly enhance audio quality by reducing background noise.

Go to the “Edit Record” screen and click the bar-shaped “Enhanced Record” icon to perform this operation.

11. Use FaceTime to make eye contact

A while back, Apple introduced the “Attention Correction” feature in the early iOS 13 beta version, but abandoned it in the stable version.

Basically, it gives FaceTime video call participants an impression as if they are looking directly at each other instead of looking at the camera.

iOS 14 reintroduced it as Eye Contact. Go to “Settings” > “FaceTime” to enable or disable it.

12. Add a photo title

When viewing any photo in the Photos app, this iOS 14 trick allows you tobswipe up to start adding a caption.

If iCloud Photos is enabled, the subtitles will also be synced to other devices.

13. Smart stack to dumb stack

You can prevent the Smart Stack of widgets from automatically rotating on iOS 14.

Long press Smart Stack, click “Edit Stack”, and then turn off the switch next to “Smart Rotation”.

14. “Unhide” hidden albums in photos

In iOS 14, you will no longer see “Hidden Albums” in the “Photos” app. It is now “hidden” by default, which may have always been the case.

Go to “Settings” > “ Photos” and turn on the switch next to “ Hide Album” in case you “unhide” it.

15. Search in the music library

The “Music” app in iOS 14 has a hidden search bar in the “Media Library”. Tap a category (playlist, album, artist, etc.), and then swipe down to bring it up. Make it easier to find content.

16. Use a dedicated MAC address

iOS 14 allows you to mask your iPhone’s MAC address with a dedicated address, thereby preventing network operators from tracking you.

Go to “Settings” > “Wi-Fi” to access the settings screen of the current Wi-Fi connection, and then use the switch next to “Dedicated Address” to enable or disable the feature.

17. Receive sound notifications

Voice recognition is another new accessibility setting that can recognize and notify you of a series of sounds.

There are multiple use cases for this iOS 14 trick: for example, if someone knocks on a door while you’re on headphones, you might want to be notified.

Go to “Settings” > “ Accessibility” > “Voice Recognition” to set the function. You can also choose to add the “Voice Recognition” switch to the “Control Center”.

18. Turn up the volume to enter continuous shooting mode

iOS 14 allows you to use the “Volume Up” button to take pictures in burst mode. Go to “Settings” > “Camera” and turn on the switch.

Next toggle “Turn up the volume for continuous shooting mode” to enable this top iOS 14 trick.

19. Use Apple Maps to plan your bike trip

Before planning your next bike trip, you may need to go to the Apple Maps app. It has now been updated as a bike lane and contains information such as altitude changes and inclination, which is of great help in choosing the best route.

At the time of writing, this feature is only available in a few cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Beijing.

20. Change the default browser and email client

iOS 14 will eventually allow you to change the default browser and email client.

For example, if you want to set Chrome as the default browser on your iPhone, go to “Settings” > “Chrome” > “Default Browser App” and select “ Chrome “ on the subsequent menu.

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