Free Netflix Account 2022 & Password Generator

Free Netflix Account 2022 & Password Generator

Netflix has been ​​the world’s largest entertainment network since 2016. It is now famous in India, China, the USA, Russia, Nepal, Pakistan, Shri Lanka, etc.

In recent months following the global coronavirus-enforced lockdowns, all high-tech sites have had only one word on their lips: Netflix, the world’s leading video service which has taken the new decade by storm.

Now more than 69 million users are using the free Netflix account 2022.

Netflix is an American company which was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. In older times they only provide the DVD rental service in the USA. Now it is one of the biggest communities to provide online streaming of movies and TV shows. On Netflix, you can watch your favourite movies and TV shows on-demand.

You just need an internet connection on Smartphones like iPhones, Android, Tablets, Smart TVs, Computers, Gaming Consoles etc. Since 2007 Netflix has grown its services over the world now it is available in more than 190 countries like Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, and India.  As per reports, the number of users of Free Netflix premium is increased by double after they started online streaming services.

Free Netflix Account 2022

However, nothing comes at a free cost so you have to pay $$ per month to enjoy amazing Netflix shows and movies. Netflix gives a free trial for the first month to the new users. But you have to provide your credit card details. You can also cancel the account anytime so that you won’t be charged. So, here is a working free Netflix account 2022  edition that works in 2022 and these accounts are totally free.

In this post, we have collected the list of the best free working premium accounts of Netflix so that our users can enjoy the premium feature of Netflix for free without paying a single buck!

Free Netflix Account Generator in 2021 | Free netflix account, Netflix premium, Netflix account and password

You can get free Netflix accounts by below two methods. One is by using the trial account and another one is by using the below generated free Netflix premium accounts.

How To Get Free Netflix Account Using Trial Period Method

You can simply follow the below steps to get a free Netflix trial account for one month ?

As you know Netflix offers you a one-month free trial for its new user after that you have to pay for it. For using free Netflix for one month all you need is to create a new account and enter your credit card details to activate the trial version of Netflix. Using this you will be able to use Netflix free for one month ????

Step 1 : First of all just connect to The Internet via mobile or computer.

Step 2 : Now just go to the official site of Netflix that is

Step 3: There you will find an option showing “Join Free For A Month” just click on that option to begin the free trial period.

Step 4: Now there will three different Netflix subscription plans. Select the plan with you want to subscribe to for free!

Step 5: Now you have to enter your email and password to sign up for the free Netflix account.

Step 6 : Now enter your credit card details to start your free trial version.

NOTE: You can also use fake credit card numbers to activate your account. There is any fake working credit card number available on the internet. You just have to search for them.

Step 7: The last step is to agree with all terms and conditions of Netflix and click on “Start Membership” That’s it ! you are done!

Step 8: After this, you have successfully activated your free Netflix account but don’t forget to use the following method to cancel your Netflix account and prevent yourself from being charged.

When your trial account comes to an end you have to pay to continue using Netflix but, you can simply cancel the trial account using the below-mentioned steps and again make a new trial account and do the same next month with details to use a free trial version again. Using this way you can enjoy Netflix for free!

NOTE: If you don’t want to use your credit card or you don’t find any fake credit card working then you can use some online virtual credit card services. I suggest you go with Entropay virtual visa cards.

How To Cancel Netflix Free Account Subscription?

Don’t forget to cancel the account after 30 days. Otherwise, you will be charged as per your selected plan. Follow the below steps to cancel your Netflix account before getting charged.

Step 1 : First of all just connect to The Internet via mobile or computer.

Step 2: Now just click on your profile image.

Step 3: In the drop-down menu, select ‘Your Account’.

Step 4 : Now under ‘Membership and Billing’ just select the ‘Cancel Membership’ option.

Step 5: That’s it you have successfully cancelled the Netflix subscription !!!

NOTE: Don’t be afraid to enter credit card details as Netflix will not charge any penny for 30 days as you are subscribing the free trial version. So, you are not going to be charged Make sure you must cancel the trial account before 30 days to avoid getting charged by Netflix.

What Subscriptions do Netflix Offer?

Netflix offers three different subscriptions to meet the needs of its customers.

The three packages come at different prices and offer a more or less complete service that is relevant to the subscription chosen.

However, regardless of your subscription, you have access to the same number of films and series, on all your devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, game console, etc.) and you can download programs to watch them in offline mode when you have no internet connection.

These subscription packages are:

  1. Netflix Basic,
  2. Netflix Standard, and
  3. Netflix Premium

Netflix Basic Plan

The Netflix Basic subscription is the lowest plan at €7.99, $8.99 or 2,900 Nigerian Naira per month.

It provides access to thousands of movies and series as well as Netflix exclusives.

The programs are accessible on a single screen and are of standard image quality, i.e, 720 x 576 pixels. The recommended internet speed is 0.8Mbits/s.

It is the ideal plan for individuals or couples who do not need to share their screen or their profile.

Netflix Standard Plan

The Netflix Standard subscription costs €11.99, $13.99 or 3,600 Nigerian Naira per month.

By subscribing to this offer, you can watch films and series on two screens simultaneously.

You also benefit from high-definition, that is to say, the image quality of 1280 x 720 pixels. The recommended speed to take full advantage of this variant is 5Mbits/s.

This subscription is particularly recommended for small families or for a shared apartment of two people, for example.

You can watch two different programs, each on your screen.

Netflix Premium Plan

The price of the Netflix Premium subscription is apparently a little higher, costing €15.99, $17.99 or 4,400 Nigerian Naira per month and gives you access to the streaming service for up to four screens simultaneously .

The programs are available in ultra-high definition, that is, in image quality of 3840 x 2160 pixels, on compatible equipment.

As for internet speed, it is advisable to have a minimum speed of 25Mbits/s to enjoy uninterrupted and seamless Ultra HD (Ultra-High Definition).

The Premium plan is recommended for large families or groups of friends who want to take advantage of their subscription without disturbing themselves.

Netflix Mobile

If you are in a country like Nigeria, Netflix offers a fourth subscription plan called Netflix Mobile. At a cost of only ₦1,200 only, you are able to watch unlimited movies and TV shows.

It allows you to stream movies on any mobile device or tablet, but with a limit of only one screen at a time. However, unlike the basic, you can’t watch on your television or laptop while HD and Ultra HD is not available.

The Mobile Plan is recommended for the average smartphone user, who has no need for a bigger screen, or one who is always on the go, but never wants to miss the newest hits. 

Therefore, please do not miss using one Netflix Cookies. You can also download Hotstar mod apk & Netflix mod apk

Free NetFlix Account 2022

With a Netflix premium account, you can easily watch the latest movie and TV shows without any interruption. It’s premium service starts at 8 USD per month. But you can enjoy premium service for free with following premium accounts which are generated by NetFlix Premium Account Generator. Below is the list of some working accounts which are generated with account generators and some of them are purchased using the carding.

Note: Don’t change the passwords. So, everyone can enjoy this free Netflix account for free !! We always try to update the Netflix accounts daily. So, I suggest you bookmark this page by pressing Ctrl+D keys!

Working Free Netflix Accounts & Password List

Username / Email                                                                  Password

[email protected]                                                           diecast8

[email protected]                                                      17737271888

[email protected]                                                               123456

[email protected]                                         

[email protected]                                                                  danbrown2

[email protected]                                                              maffrmota2

[email protected]                                                        substation232

[email protected]                                                           517454614

[email protected]                                                         008249

[email protected]                                                                  emily380

[email protected]                                                                 vumumeh8

[email protected]                                                      kalash1

[email protected]                                                             [email protected]

[email protected]                                                   hajar1998

[email protected]                                                                    macedon1

[email protected]                                                                  mickey

[email protected]                                                               tragic

[email protected]                                                       Howdy2u2

[email protected]                                                               rock88

[email protected]                                                             neiangel

[email protected]                                                          interview0929

[email protected]                                                               111961982

[email protected]                                                                    cdefgahc

[email protected]                                                               qwerty7

NOTE:  There are many Netflix account generator available on the internet and they are fake ones. Don’t use these type of free Netflix account generator to get Netflix accounts as these type of generators contains malware and may harm your computer and can steal your data or credit card details. So, I suggest you use the above free Netflix account and do not go after account generators which may lead you to any problem in future!

So, above are the latest working free Netflix account list generated by the Netflix premium account generator which is working in 2021. If you are facing any problems while using these accounts or want to share working new accounts then just comment below !! Feel free to share these accounts with your friends so, that they can also enjoy Netflix with paying!

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