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As much as possible, we advise you to write the article in the 3rd person and keep a neutral tone.

For us to be able to publish your article it should be formatted like the following:


Intro – this should be a lead paragraph that summarises what your article will be about (3-4 lines).

Text – this is your article. Here you expand your main ideas in minimum 300 words, evenly split into paragraphs.

Optional – you can make some keywords/concepts bold.

Closing – sum up the main points. Other things you can add: relevance of topic, recommendations, trend speculations, one call to action.


In maximum 4-5 lines, present your profile, background, interests, current activities etc. This text should be italic.


-One photo of yourself: portrait, small, but clear, vertical orientation.

-Minimum one photo to illustrate the article (at least 600×800 pixels in size). Please mention the source (photographer’s name or link where you found it).

-If your article includes charts, please make sure that they are clear and there is an explanation in the article for them.

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