Best juicer machine 2022: the top 7 blenders

Best juicer machine 2022

As the times sifts deeper into the 21st century, more people are paying more attention to fruits and vegetables. If you are one of those, then a juicer blender will be one of your most vital kitchen appliances. In this article, Batrometech lists the best juicer machines 2022.

  1. Panasonic MJ-H200
  2. Panasonic MJ-L600-H
  3. HUROM Advanced 100
  4. Panasonic MJ-L600-H
  7. Kuvings JSG-721

1. Panasonic MJ-H200

With the Panasonic MJ-H200‘s spinner, you can make a lot in a short amount of time. This high-speed juicer uses Panasonic’s revolutionary Full Metal Spinner technology for cutter, filter, and base, making it the best juicer machine in 2022.

This model can generate a large amount of juice with a smooth texture in a short amount of time by leveraging the centrifugal force of high-speed rotation. After the juice has been withdrawn, the spout has a “drip stop mechanism” that prevents dripping.

A juice receiver, a dregs receiver, and a spout are all integrated into the main body’s simple form, making it a top recommendation for individuals who want quick cleaning since there are just four sections to wash.

The juice cup can be kept in the main body after use, and because it can be stored compactly, it is ideal for people searching for a large capacity model that is also compact.


The TESCOM TJ112W‘s best feature is the ability to change the rotation speed depending on the hardness of the ingredients, making it one of the top juicer machines in 2022.

This high-speed juicer also has a big input port with a 60 mm diameter, which eliminates the need to cut the material into little pieces.

The “Gold Titanium Cutter,” which has a long-lasting sharpness, is one of the major attractions. For individuals who plan to use the TJ112W for a long period, it is a recommended model.

It also has a basic structure with 6 disassembled major body pieces, making it ideal for individuals who want to avoid the hassle of maintenance.

3. Panasonic MJ-L600-H

The Panasonic MJ-L600-H, the third best juicer machine of 2022, is a slow juicer that can make cold pressed juice, rough juice, and frozen sweets all in one machine.

It does not easily contain air and is finished smoothly since the materials are mashed while being squeezed at a low speed of 45 rpm.

It’s worth noting that squeezing gently and properly does not damage the nutrients in the juice.

This model is recommended for individuals who want to enjoy several arrangements with one unit by using attachments to construct various menus such as “dressing menu,” “soup menu,” and “soy milk menu.”

Panasonic MJ-L400 

The Panasonic MJ-L400 is a slow juicer that can prepare a variety of menus in one unit, including fresh juice and dressing. This device gets a smooth finish by using a “low-speed compression aperture mechanism.” It is one of the best juicer machines in 2022.

The nutrients in fruits and vegetables are untouched since they are properly squeezed at a low speed of 45 rpm. One of the benefits is that you can prepare nutrient-dense cold pressed juice.

There are a range of menus to choose from, allowing you to sample a variety of delicacies on a daily basis. It is ideal for individuals who live alone because the juice cup is roughly 400 ml and can create about one cup of serving. 

4. HUROM Advanced 100

For people who do not want to spend time cleaning, the Hurom Advanced 100 is the ideal juicer machine.

The fact that you can quickly and intuitively construct the drum as well as the main body is one of the reasons for its inclusion in this list of best juicer machines of 2022. 

This model uses a “separate juice squeezing method” that utilises a screw and two types of resin filters to press ingredients. It requires less care than regular juicers since there is no mesh, and it is our top recommendation for those new to juicers.

Another advantage is that the dismantled parts can be washed in the dishwasher, making it ideal for individuals who desire simple maintenance without having to wash everything by hand.


The Sharp EJ-GP1 is a popular slow juicer that can juice leafy vegetables without chopping. It is one of the best juicer machines in 2022. Squeezing fibrous vegetables like spinach and celery, which are normally difficult to squeeze, can be done without chopping.

In addition, this slow juicer’s “slow compression squeezing” feature makes it simple to prepare juices that maintain their flavor and minerals. 

It is recommended for individuals who wish to prepare anything other than juice because it can make frozen desserts, soups, and sweets. 

Finally, the EJ-GP1 has a simple design that is straightforward to operate and has few disassembled parts, making it ideal for individuals searching for an easy-to-clean model.


The TESCOM TSJ800P amazon is a slow juicer that can produce a wide range of juices, including freshly squeezed cold pressed juice and frozen dessert. 

Squeezing at a low speed preserves the nutrients and enzymes while preserving the original flavor of the food. It’s also known for producing thick, difficult-to-separate juice. 

The tiny “flat filter,” which has about one-fourth the area of the traditional “circular filter,”  makes it easy to clean. This feature ranks it as one of the best juicer machines in 2022. By changing it with the accompanying “Frozen Filter,” you can effortlessly manufacture frozen sweets.

Lastly, to expand the menu, squeeze the fruits, mix them with juice to make them float, and combine the components.

This model is ideal for individuals who want to prepare a variety of juices with just one machine.

7. Kuvings JSG-721

The Kuvings JSG-721 is a three-in-one slow juicer that functions as a juicer, smoothie maker, and frozen dessert maker. Cutting the material into little pieces takes less time and effort because of the large input port.

The ingredients are not easily oxidized because they are pressed gently and squeezed, so you can enjoy the original taste and nutrients.

The screw and outlet have been enhanced over regular models to increase fiber discharge capacity, making it one of the best juicer machines in 2022.

Because the construction decreases the strain of squeezing juice, you can expect long-term use.

The drum and the silicon cap are also integrated, making cleaning and assembly a breeze. It’s also worth noting that you can quickly clean it with the “cleaning rotating brush” that accompanies it. 

Finally, the JSG-721 achieves exceptional quietness thanks to a built-in original motor that turns gently at low speed. With this feature, this juicer is also recommended for individuals who intend to use it primarily at night.

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