Best delivery companies in the world 2022 – top 10 international couriers

Best delivery companies in the world

Are you interested in knowing which international courier is best? There is considerably more involved in delivering products to merchants and consumers than just loading packages into trucks and ships. To guarantee merchants and consumers get their packages on time and in excellent condition, courier companies must carefully manage and organize vast numbers of personnel, technology, and vehicles. The logistics firms on this list of best delivery companies in the world service almost every sector conceivable, from the car industry to the aviation industry. 

Which is the best delivery company in the world?

Supply chain is a system that enables the transit and storage of products and services in an effective and efficient manner. The logistics business is continuously experiencing fast transition, hence opening the path for future breakthroughs. Here are the best delivery companies in the world in 2022:

10. CSX

A CSX freight train, one of the best delivery companies in the world

Jacksonville, Florida-based CSX is a significant supplier of rail freight transportation services. As a rail-based courier service, the firm runs around 21,000 route miles.

The railways of the old Chessie System, Seaboard Coast Line Industries, and the Seaboard System Railroad were merged in 1981 to establish CSX, which is now renowned as one of the best delivery companies in the world. The current worth of the logistics company is $4 billion.

9. Deutsche Post

Two Deutsche Post buses parked side by side

Deutsche Post, a subsidiary of the Deutsche Post DHL Group, is Europe’s major postal service provider and one of the best delivery companies in the world.

Deutsche Post distributes mail and packages in Germany and across the globe, and also provides dialogue marketing, press distribution, and corporate communications solutions. The courier firm employs roughly 510,000 individuals in over 220 countries and territories. The worth of the brand is $4,2 billion.

8. CN 

CN is a transportation firm established in Canada that provides integrated courier services for rail, intermodal, trucking, freight forwarding, storage, and distribution.

CN employs over 24,000 railmen and moves more than $250 billion worth of commodities yearly for a number of economic sectors, including resource materials, manufactured goods, and consumer goods.

This courier service is provided by a rail network covering roughly 20,000 route miles across Canada and Central America. CN is one of the best delivery companies in the world and is valued at $4.4bn due to this.

7. Italian Post 

Poste Italiane sign, one of the best delivery companies in the world
Province of Florence, Italy, May 9th 2022, Street sign of “Poste Italiane” with a vintage church as background. Concept of national Italian post service.

Poste Italiane is the Italian supplier of postal services. In addition to its normal postal services, it provides a variety of integrated goods across Italy, including postal savings, communications, logistics, and financial services.

The courier company purchased UniCredit MedioCredito Centrale for €136 million ($166 million) in 2011, and the Italian government authorised the sale of up to 40 percent of the company in 2016.

Matteo Del Fante is the CEO and managing director of Italian Post, which is today one of the world’s best delivery companies. This leading courier firm is worth $4,8 billion.

6. McLane Corporation

McLane Company is one of the top providers of grocery and foodservice supply chain solutions for convenience shops, pharmacies, and other U.S. businesses.

It boasts one of America’s biggest private fleets, distributes around 50,000 items to 110,000 locations, and employs approximately 20,000 people. W. Grady Rosier has been Chairman and CEO of McLane since 1995, leading the McLane Company to becoming one of the best delivery companies in the world; its brand worth is presently $4.8 billion.

5. Union Pacific

A union pacific train, one of the best courier services in the world

Union Pacific is a freight railroad that runs on 32,100 route miles with 8,500 locomotives of 43 different kinds. It is the second biggest delivery system in the United States and one of the best delivery companies in the world.

This leading courier service was founded in 1862 as the Union Pacific RailRoad, and its current CEO is Lance M. Fritz. The logistics company is estimated to be worth $7.8 billion.

4. DHL

A DHL bus, one of the best courier services in the world

DHL is one of the world’s most well-known logistics companies, specialized in worldwide shipment, courier services, roads and railways transport, aviation and maritime freight, warehousing, international parcel services, express mail, and contract logistics.

DHL is one of the most popular delivery firms in the world, and was created in the United States in 1969, before going global in the late 1970s. It is now estimated to be worth over $10.7 billion.

DHL operates in 220 countries and territories and annually delivers over 1.5 billion items. Prior to dominating the global supply chain, the corporation had modest beginnings. 

DHL enables companies to concentrate on their primary business while it handles the cataloging and international transportation of their products.

DHL’s out-of-the-box solutions save organizations a great deal of time and money, making it one of the best delivery companies in the world.

3. Japan Railways Group, Inc.

The Japan Railways Group, often known as the JR Group, comprises of seven for-profit corporations that, in 1987, acquired the majority of the assets and operations of the government-owned Japanese National Railways.

Despite being confined to Asia, the JR Group is one of the best delivery companies in the world, with a total route length of over 12,500 miles, of which almost half are electrified. It is estimated that the courier firm is now worth $11.1bn.

2. FedEx

A FedEx bus, one of the best delivery companies in the world

FedEx Corporation is a worldwide American courier services firm based in Memphis, Tennessee. FedEx provides a comprehensive array of online services for shipment planning, package tracking, shipping prices, and resources for small companies and international shippers.

The term FedEx is essentially an acronym of the first airline segment of the firm, Federal Express. According to Brand Finance, the logistics firm is worth $18.1 billion, and its CEO is Frederick W. Smith.

FedEx Corporation was started in 1971 and is perhaps the most popular delivery business in the world. It offers 3PL solutions to both small and big enterprises worldwide.

They provide customized service and technology that streamlines order fulfillment activities. The FedEx Express part of the company offers parcel and freight delivery services. Its FedEx Ground section offers organizations and consumers with assured ground package delivery services and consolidates and distributes lite, less time-sensitive business-to-consumer goods.

1. UPS

A UPS bus, the best delivery company in the world

United Parcel Service is an American multinational parcel transportation and supply chain management solutions provider. In addition, their Al’s provide services that include a cargo airplane, a freight forwarding company, as well as retail packing and shipping shops. 

UPS is the indisputable best delivery company in the world, with roughly 444,000 workers, including approximately 240,000 drivers, engaged in worldwide package delivery to over 220 countries. Its CEO is David P. Abney, and its brand is valued at $22 billion.


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