10 Best Apps for iOS 14 2022

Best apps for ios 14

Do you have an iOS 14 device? To get the most out of your iPhone, here are the best apps for iOS 14 in the app store today.

10 Best apps for ios 14

Here are the best apps for iOS 14 in alphabetical order:

  1. Canva
  2. Capcut
  3. Continue on PC
  4. Filmr 
  5. Google Maps
  6. Netflix 
  7. Snapseed 
  8. Spotify
  9. SwiftKey
  10. TikTok
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1. Canva

Canva is still a complete image editing tool that has a powerful mobile version with which you can make multiple types of designs without having to pay.

With it, you will be able to create images and compositions for your social networks, from Instagram stories to normal publications, and it does it in a simple way so that everyone can use regardless of their knowledge.

As long as you need a job to survive, Canva will be one of the best iOS 14 apps for you. 

It’s like a simplified version of Photoshop, with tens of thousands of free templates created by professionals.

2. Capcut

More and more people are looking for influence on social networks, and that means that, more than ever, users need photo and video editing applications that adapt to social networks and that allow them to obtain good results easily and without requiring great knowledge.

In that vein, CapCut is an application to edit short videos vertically and in the resolution you want. You can even edit 4K videos with HDR. 

In addition, it has an extensive library of transitions, texts and effects to decorate your videos. So if you are an Instagram or TikTok buff, you will consider Capcut one of the best apps for iOS 14.

3. Continue On PC

There are two types of iOS user, those who are within the Apple ecosystem using a desktop Mac, and those who also have Windows computers

In this second case, the iPhone does not integrate as well with your computer. Although applications like this one from Microsoft allow you to share content from the iPhone to open it directly on the PC, such as a website that you are visiting, it does this by adding a continue on PC option within the iOS share menu. 

The result is an experience that doubles as AirDrop or messaging yourself in messaging apps. This makes Continue to PC, one of the best apps for iOS 14, and in fact, one of the more necessary. 

4. Filmr

Filmr is a powerful video editor focused on mobile use, for which it has a vertical interface to make it easier to use. Its options are simple, but it does not lack advanced options such as having several video tracks to manage, or a music library with which you can add sounds to your videos.

One of the best apps for ios, you can also make professional adjustments, adjusting parameters such as brightness or contrast so that your videos have a more visual finish or according to how you want. 

And if you prefer something simpler, it also offers filters and transitions. Filmr is a free application, although some of the content it provides are paid. 

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5. Google Maps

Google Maps is an application in constant evolution, and one that in recent times has reinvented itself by turning to a social component, making functions such as rating the sites you are on, uploading photos or videos, or allowing other users to follow our profile so as not to miss our reviews.

But in addition to this, it is still an excellent navigation tool with the car, with options such as:

  • sharing your location, 
  • reviewing the history of the places you have been,
  • remembering where you parked the car,
  • creating custom maps, 
  • measuring distances, 
  • creating group plans,
  • design and share your routes, 
  • control Spotify while you drive, or 
  • even find restaurants that have take away service.

With this never-ending list of functionalities, this is one of the best apps for iOS 14 without a doubt. 

6. Netflix

Netflix is still the great streaming service of reference, and although it does not have that aura of quality in its productions that other services may have, it does have a gigantic amount of content with which to entertain you. 

In addition, it has many suggestions by sections, and even a Trending Topics section with the most viewed content of the day in your country.

The application, which is one of the best for iOS 14 devices, offers you the classic functions to skip introductions and summaries of chapters, but also the management of chapters that you are watching. 

You can also discover various types of lists and categories (some of them hidden) to propose content to you, personalized recommendation lists and the possibility of sending content to the TV.

7. Snapseed

Another classic among photo editing applications, one created by Google for Android and iOS, and one that offers an extremely easy-to-use interface by gestures when editing the photos you take in different ways. 

Snapseed works through the swipe of your finger to change settings and change the level of each setting.

With Snapseed you will be able to make simple cuts to advanced adjustments such as modifying the orientation of a face or erasing objects. 

One of its great strengths is that it is a totally free app without ads or payment barriers to professional functions. This freemium provision is what ranks it as one of the best apps for iOS 14.

8. Spotify

Although Apple does not stop pushing and trying to get you closer to Apple Music, Spotify continues to be the great reference in the world of music streaming, both for its paid version and for its improved free mode. 

It is an application that will serve you both to listen to its huge musical catalog and to enjoy Podcasts with more and more presence, all with integrations with Siri on the Apple Watch

As for playback, you can control the playback of your songs and make playlists with your favorites. But the great strength of the application are its recommendations, with a large number of personalized playlists for you, and the ability to learn from your whims to recommend music.

Spotify is hands down the best streaming app on iOS 14. 

9. SwiftKey

Since Apple has opened its system to third-party keyboards, you can choose a large number of them on your iPhone. 

One of the best apps for iOS 14 as well as the most classic and reliable is Swiftkey

This Microsoft app does not lack options such as its intelligent auto-correction system that learns not only what you write, but also how to remind you of your strange words when you go to configure them.

In this case, it is not a keyboard designed to blend in with the functions offered by a single company like Gboard, but rather it is one that seeks to offer you the best possible features without too many complications. 

You can link other services to learn how you type in them, or use two languages at the same time for the autocorrect, and it does not lack any of the functions that you may need on a keyboard.

10. TikTok 

TikTok continues to be one of the coolest social networks in terms of content creation, as it has had a huge impact on youth and viral contents. 

In it you can find creativity far superior to most other video creation social networks, so much so that it is increasingly common to see TikTok videos being shared on other social networks

Adding to the creativity of its users is a complete toolbox to create all kinds of original videos, or even to create a video in which you interact with the videos of other users. All this with dozens of effects and filters of all kinds.


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