Best air fryers for French fries and wings 2022

Best Air Fryers for French fries and wings 2022

If you love the sweet meaty taste of French fries or chicken wings, but want to eat healthier, then you should definitely consider an air fryer. In this article, Batrometech have listed the 4 best air fryers for French fries and wings 2022. 

What exactly is an air fryer, and how does it function?

An air fryer is a contraption that uses no cooking oil to fry food.

The heat pipe inside the machine generates a high temperature, which is then circulated at a high speed through the fan, with the fat from the meal used to achieve the frying effect. In essence, an air fryer is a fan-assisted oven.

Advantages of the air fryer

Air fryers provide the following advantages over traditional frying:

  • Putting the food in the air fryer and setting the time and temperature is even easier.
  • The airtight construction of the air fryer is unquestionably safer than the splash of hot oil during traditional frying.
  • The air fryer can also limit the production of oil fumes, which is beneficial to individuals who value aesthetics.
  • Air fryers use the food’s own fat and moisture, making them healthier and lower in calories than traditional frying.

4 Best Air Fryers for French fries and wings 2022

1. HD9860/91 Philips

For persons who frequently cook for themselves, have a large budget, and strive for a good quality of life

Why did we go with Philips HD9860/91?

Philips Electronics is one of the world’s major electronics companies, with a stronghold in Europe.

Their color television, lights, electric shavers, medical diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring systems, as well as single-chip television products are all pacesetters in their respective markets.

Philips debuted the Air Fryer, a versatile food processor that cooks food using hot air circulation, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin in 2010.

The Philips air fryer, as the originator of the product, has some unique technologies. The 7x speed hot air circulation evenly heats the food without turning it over.

Excess grease can be collected in the fat reducer at the bottom, which is convenient. Cleaning can also lower food fat by 90%, which is great news for dieters who enjoy fried foods and beauty products.

The Philips air fryer also has an app which selects the model, and obtains the corresponding menu.

The HD9860/91, which is one of the best air fryers for French fries and wings, includes five preset menus, precise temperature control through the knob, and a timed heat preservation function.

The air fryer has a big capacity of 7.3 liters, making it ideal for large households. 

These are, of course, some of the more common functions.

Philips HD9860/91 boasts sophisticated sensing technology that automatically adjusts the temperature and time based on the additional food, removing the need to manually set the temperature and time. 

There is more uniform heating with automatic adjustment feature and the use of the third-generation starfish chassis with a wider reflective arc surface.

In terms of cleaning, Philips air fryers are more user-friendly because the frying basket can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher.

However, the Philips HD9860/91 has a big capacity, and the whole weight of the machine is 10.29kg, making cleaning the heating tube after use more difficult.

In addition, Philips HD9860/91 is without a doubt more expensive than comparable products from Asian manufacturers.

However, if you’re looking for the best air fryer, the Philips HD9860/91 will undoubtedly provide that quality.


  • Reduces the amount of fat in your food by 90%.
  • Detachable for dishwasher
  • The fat reducer chassis’ oil-collecting ability makes it more healthy.
  • The third-generation starfish chassis is more evenly heated and has a larger reflective arc surface.


  • The item is bulky and inconvenient to transport.
  • Expensive. 

2. HD9741/11 Philips

For people who make 2 servings at a time, frequently cook for themselves, have a large budget, and strive for a high quality of life.

Why did we go for Philips HD9741/11?

The Philips HD9741/11 also features 7x hot air circulation technology and a fat reducer that cuts food fat by 90%.

The corresponding menu is also available through the NutriU app, while the frying basket can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher.

However, it lacks the Philips HD9860/91’s sophisticated sensing technology as well as the third-generation starfish disk. Additionally, there are just four presets available.

The HD9741/11, on the other hand, compensates for these flaws by being more affordable than the HD9860/91.

This model only has a 4.5L capacity, which is barely enough to prepare food for two people, making its capacity a little limited for large families.


  • Reduce the amount of fat in your food by 90%.
  • Detachable for dishwashing. 
  • The fat reducer chassis’ oil-collecting ability makes it more healthy.


  • Only 4.5L of capacity. 
  • Expensive. 

3.  KL55-VF531 Joyoung

For persons who frequently cook for themselves. 

Why did we go for the Joyoung KL55-VF531?

Joyoung is a cutting-edge company that specializes in the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of healthy eating gadgets. On May 28, 2008, it was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

When it comes to air fryers, Joyoung also prioritizes affordability and the KL55-VF531 has a 5.5L capacity as well as a number of presets.

In comparison to other products, the Joyoung KL55-VF531 includes a flip-up cover that is easier to clean, as well as a 120-degree wide-angle window that allows you to see the food directly and regulate the temperature and time.

Joyoung KL55-VF531 has a layer of barbed wire under the heating pipe that cannot be disassembled to prevent the splashing of hot oil.

However, because of this design, it is impossible to clean the heating pipe and the space beneath it adequately.

Nonetheless, Joyoung is reasonably priced, and after one year of use, it may be replaced with a new one.


  • Cost-effective and affordable
  • Cleaning is possible because it is removable.
  • Food may be seen from a wide angle of 120 degrees.


  • The baskets may only be washed by hand.
  • Under the heating tube, there is a wire mesh that cannot be removed, making cleaning difficult.
  • Warm up is required.

4. 8206 Yamamoto

For those on a budget, who frequently cook for themselves

Why did we pick Yamamoto 8206?

Ningbo Jiale Electric Co., Ltd. produces Yamamoto, a domestic trademark who are unquestionably a second-tier brand when compared to Philips, Supor, and Joyoung, making it a cost-effective option.

The Yamamoto 8206 features a 4.7L capacity and a temperature control knob to regulate the time.

Despite being one of the best air fryers for French fries and wings, it only has a temperature control setting time function and no preset menu.

Because the frying basket can be assembled and cleaned in the dishwasher, it’s an excellent choice for air fry fans.


  • Low-cost
  • Detachable for dishwashing


  • There isn’t a pre-set menu.
  • Further than setting the temperature time, there is no other function.
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